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HiLo’s positive impact on an avid runner

Client Feature Sarabeth Where to begin, HiLo has impacted my life both physically and mentally and has been an absolute game changer in my training. As a runner, we are a slave to the watch and our weekly mileage goal. With that being said, it was pretty hard to wrap my head around cutting back miles and adding in some strength, high-intensity, non-impact workouts into my routine. Before HiLo, I was running 6 days a week and anywhere from 30-50 miles with maybe 1 core day. Now, I’m running 3-4 days a week and anywhere from 19-30 miles. The high-intensity/low-impact of...

Discover the Power of Meditation: Stretch Your Mind

“Meditate. Take time to inhale peace and exhale fear. Then take your meditation back to your life. Walk slowly. Stay present for yourself, more fully and completely than ever before. You too can turn your life into a walking, waking, deliberate meditation.” - Melody Beattie To me, meditation is the practice of showing up for yourself and making time to be present in both your mind and your body. It’s the practice of having honest conversations with yourself and not having answers, but rather trusting that those answers will come. All we need to do is make the time.  The conversations that...


This article was written by Social Stylate Posted on March 4, 2020 by Social Stylate Maura Miller is bringing a new full-body workout to Delaware. Working out. It’s difficult, it’s rewarding, it’s exhausting and invigorating. It makes us strong, it keeps us healthy, it puts us in a great mood, and it makes us really sweaty. It’s all of these things and so much more. Maura Miller, the House Director of Delaware’s first boutique fitness studio HiLo House, says, “The physical and mental benefits of exercise go hand in hand. At this point in my life, with three kids under three and opening a new studio, I...