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HiLo’s positive impact on an avid runner

Client Feature Sarabeth

Where to begin, HiLo has impacted my life both physically and mentally and has been an absolute game changer in my training. As a runner, we are a slave to the watch and our weekly mileage goal. With that being said, it was pretty hard to wrap my head around cutting back miles and adding in some strength, high-intensity, non-impact workouts into my routine. Before HiLo, I was running 6 days a week and anywhere from 30-50 miles with maybe 1 core day. Now, I’m running 3-4 days a week and anywhere from 19-30 miles. The high-intensity/low-impact of the versa-climber is an excellent way to get my cardio in and my heart rate up without putting the pounding into my legs. While the Megaformer is bitter-sweet, its low-impact and Lagree method that HiLo uses is the factor that my training has been lacking; It takes a mind-body connection to engage each appropriate muscle throughout this strength workout. After one month, I can see a transformation in not only the physical part of my body, but I can feel the strength within my body during my track workouts and races. After a month of HiLo, I raced my first 5k in almost a year and PRed by 3 seconds with a time of 19:11. Although I didn’t break 19, like I wanted, it was also the first time I had gotten back into the 19s in 4 years! Through HiLo, I have gained endurance, strength, dedication (getting up for those 5:45 & 6:00am classes and being excited for them!), perseverance and a whole lot of new friends. The community at HiLo is one of many reasons I love coming. Everyone is genuinely welcoming, friendly, encouraging, and motivating, (you also can’t forget the trainers great taste in music) and that kind of environment is something you can’t beat!