HiLo House
Versaclimber and Lagree Megaformer™ Studio

2000 PENNSYLVANIA AVE., SUITE 106 WILMINGTON, DE 19806 // 302-482-2804


HILO House

We’re here to build a community that’s radically inclusive and built on passion, movement, and comradery.

We believe that health and wellness are best shared with a like-minded squad, keeping us all connected at our core.

Contagious Energy. Positive Vibes.

A Place To Elevate

At HiLo House we thrive on each other’s success, each other’s ambitions and we push each other so we can all elevate ourselves together. We’re all kindred spirits who want to move forward, onward and upward.

Our community at HiLo House is based on personal goals and group support, because we know that the more we can support each other the further we can all go.

Kindred Spirits. Crushing Goals.

When you walk into HiLo House, the first thing you will feel is the energy of our people and our seriously positive vibes.

Yeah, our main focus may be to workout, but we also thrive on being social, smiling, laughing and having a great time – nothing less than an exceptional experience.
You’ll experience premium instructor led group fitness classes that will feel like a personal training session. Our instructors are committed to providing you the best experience both on and off the machines. They will meet you where you are in your fitness journey and work with you to achieve your fitness goals.